How Krocodile Krunch Changed My World

Hi! I’m Amanda Burke and welcome to A Brunette on Branding! As my first post, I want to explain to you how my love of branding first started.

  •  High school: A junior in high school, I took an introductory marketing class. Within the first week of taking the course, I knew a career in the marketing field was for me. However, I found it extremely hard to pinpoint exactly what I wanted to do. Then the infamous Cereal Project was assigned. In this project I had to create my own cereal and design a marketing campaign, decide the target market, and design a strategy for Krocodile Krunch to reach grocery stores shelves. As soon as the project was assigned I went straight to work. I was researching comparable cereal companies and determining what made them successful. I was looking at marketing strategies and picking-and-choosing what I wanted to use when I introduced my new product. I went through different non-profit organizations that Krocodile Krunch could sponsor. Basically, for the next few weeks I spent literally all of my free time working on this project. It was love at first assignment.
  • Jump ahead to college: A sophomore into college, I took another marketing course. In this course, I worked with a group and rebranded Folgers coffee. We spent the entire semester comparing the brand to competitors, working on a new commercial, and designing a presentation to prove how this rebranding would help the company. This project solidified the fact that a career in branding was in my future.

            Through A Brunette on Branding I want to give an outsiders view on brands. I am not professionally trained, and am only interpreting the brands based on my own experiences. I think what will make my blog unique is that I have a genuine passion for branding, and have since I was 16. I would love for any feedback and to connect with anyone/everyone who has the same passion as me. Thanks for reading!


About A Brunette on Branding

I am Amanda Burke: University of Wisconsin - Madison student, Life Sciences Communications major and novice blogger. Aside from my academic life, I am an Alpha Phi sister, undercover geek, Bulls fanatic, junk food lover and nail polish addict. A Brunette on Branding is a blog about brands. I deconstruct current marketing strategies, express my opinions on certain brands, and talk about what I think it takes to be successful in a world full of brand-hungry consumers. I’ll admit, I’m not an expert. But, I’ve found I have a knack for recognizing good branding techniques and want to express my own opinions on why I believe they work. It is my hope that through this blog I will: 1) educate other bloggers on branding 2) show branding experts my skills and 3) open the eyes of readers to the vast and complex world that is branding. Thank you in advance for visiting A Brunette on Branding. I hope I have given you a small insight on branding. I am open to any suggestions about my content, writing, layout, etc., as I am just starting out in this crazy world of blogging. Thanks!
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