Personal Branding is “Linsanity!”

Like nearly everyone in the country, I, too, have jumped on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon. Although it’s been engrained into my head to like no team but the Bulls (thanks dad!), I’m a sucker for the underdogs. It’s pretty safe to say that I have “Linsanity.” He’s no Michael, but his name will be around for a while.

After doing some homework, it seems Lin’s brand is a mashup of humble-underdog and grateful-hardworker, mixed with a little bit of passion.  I think others would have to agree, given his nicknames are “The Lintellect,” “Mr. Lincredible,” and “Linspiration,” to name a few. Given these nicknames, it seems clear that Lin and his brand are an inspiration to all.  Sadly, other people have their own agendas that may tarnish the “Linsanity” brand.

 Exhibit A: the ESPN headline gone wrong. Two ESPN professionals used the phrase “Ch*** in the Armor” to describe Lin. Really? His brand is giving hope to all, and, quite frankly, racial phrases about him give the opposite. (Read here for more information on the headline)

Exhibit B: the fight for the “Linsanity” trademark. Currently, two entrepreneurs are fighting to make a buck off of the “Linsanity” brand. If one gets it, you can bet Lin’s face and nickname will be plastered on every t-shirt, hat and beer koozie in sight. What if Lin doesn’t drink beer? What if he doesn’t want his face on front of every t-shirt? Don’t you think Lin should be in charge of his own name? Luckily, he’s currently petitioning to own  his trademark, so profit-hungry individuals won’t tamper with the Lin brand.

My thoughts on Lin’s petitioning: Great choice!! Who better at determining the fate of the “Linsanity” brand than the man himself? As long as Lin continues to play basketball, maintains a positive image to all, and acknowledges the fans who support him and have helped him grow to the status he’s obtained, the “Linsanity” brand has endless possibilities of growth. People don’t just watch Lin because of his basketball skills, they watch him because he gives hope to all the underdogs in the world. That, my dear reader, is what the “Linsanity” brand is all about.


About A Brunette on Branding

I am Amanda Burke: University of Wisconsin - Madison student, Life Sciences Communications major and novice blogger. Aside from my academic life, I am an Alpha Phi sister, undercover geek, Bulls fanatic, junk food lover and nail polish addict. A Brunette on Branding is a blog about brands. I deconstruct current marketing strategies, express my opinions on certain brands, and talk about what I think it takes to be successful in a world full of brand-hungry consumers. I’ll admit, I’m not an expert. But, I’ve found I have a knack for recognizing good branding techniques and want to express my own opinions on why I believe they work. It is my hope that through this blog I will: 1) educate other bloggers on branding 2) show branding experts my skills and 3) open the eyes of readers to the vast and complex world that is branding. Thank you in advance for visiting A Brunette on Branding. I hope I have given you a small insight on branding. I am open to any suggestions about my content, writing, layout, etc., as I am just starting out in this crazy world of blogging. Thanks!
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