A Company Is Much More Than The Products It Offers – Exploring The Kohl’s Brand

Continuing posts on my favorite brands, I am going to explain why Kohl’s is one of the greatest. I believe Kohl’s has continuously proven itself to be a superior brand through the many different platforms it uses to reach the community. 

  • Kohl’s Cares: I think this charity is extremely successful. It is unique because it doesn’t focus all of its efforts on one issue, but instead raises awareness for three causes, and promotes them in vastly different ways. The three causes are: Kids’ Health and Education, Advancing in Environmental Solutions and Women’s Health. There is a fourth branch of Kohl’s Cares where associates can volunteer, called Associates in Action, and it has been extremely successful and has raised over $35 million since its start in 2001. Whether selling stuffed animals (which I have way more than I would like to admit) or building environmentally friendly buildings, Kohl’s Cares strives to not only give back but look ahead.
  • Kohl’s On Campus: This part of Kohl’s focuses on new talent and fresh brand ideas. I really like this part of the brand because they make it personal. For example, last semester in my marketing class, representatives from Kohl’s came to teach a lecture on current marketing strategies. It is refreshing to know that people from large companies like Kohl’s will take the time out of their schedules to educate students about the business. Kohl’s on Campus also offers many opportunities for students to grow and be a part of the company, through internships and jobs. I think new opportunities and new ideas are crucial for any brand to be successful, and Kohl’s does an exemplary job creating these.
  • New Brands: One last thing that contributes to the success of the Kohl’s brand is fresh ideas. Kohl’s is constantly adding new merchandise that is created by various people and organizations with hopes that all customers are reached. For example, The Food Network, Bobby Flay and Kitchen Aid all offer kitchen accessories, but all have slightly different features to ensure all customers are satisfied.

So how do you generate the same success as Kohl’s? Try to reach everyone. And I’m not saying offer merchandise that can satisfy Kohl's Logoeveryone (This is extremely important in even sparking interest in the brand so still do it!) – I’m saying try to reach everyone on a personal level. When someone shops at Kohl’s they buy a product and they buy into an experience. So, when someone shops at Kohl’s they should believe the slogan and “Expect Great Things.” A company is so much more than the products that it offers and Kohl’s is superior because it understands this.


About A Brunette on Branding

I am Amanda Burke: University of Wisconsin - Madison student, Life Sciences Communications major and novice blogger. Aside from my academic life, I am an Alpha Phi sister, undercover geek, Bulls fanatic, junk food lover and nail polish addict. A Brunette on Branding is a blog about brands. I deconstruct current marketing strategies, express my opinions on certain brands, and talk about what I think it takes to be successful in a world full of brand-hungry consumers. I’ll admit, I’m not an expert. But, I’ve found I have a knack for recognizing good branding techniques and want to express my own opinions on why I believe they work. It is my hope that through this blog I will: 1) educate other bloggers on branding 2) show branding experts my skills and 3) open the eyes of readers to the vast and complex world that is branding. Thank you in advance for visiting A Brunette on Branding. I hope I have given you a small insight on branding. I am open to any suggestions about my content, writing, layout, etc., as I am just starting out in this crazy world of blogging. Thanks!
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