Exploring The Kellogg’s Brand

My love for branding wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Kellogg’s and Krocodile Krunch. So naturally, Kellogg’s is one of my all-time favorite brands. It may be corny to say that without Kellogg’s my passion for branding would be non-existent, but the truth is, it probably would! It’s crazy that one brand can change a girl’s life.

One thing I love about Kellogg’s is that the brand isn’t scared to point out that it has some flaws. On their corporate website, they have pages called “Challenges We Face” to explain what Kellogg’s struggles with and offers how they are trying to fix the challenges. I think this is so important for a brand because it is transparent and consumers can relate to it. No one is perfect, so why should a brand try to be?

Kellogg's Logo

Kellogg’s Logo

Kellogg’s is unique in that it created its own philanthropy, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Since its creation, it has raised $5.5 billion in grants to support children, families and communities to help strengthen conditions to make children more successful as individuals. I think it’s great that a company as strong as Kellogg’s is going back to its roots and following its founder’s mission to give back to the community.

On top of its own philanthropy, Kellogg’s contributes and donates to many other non-profits and charitable organizations around the world, like American Red Cross and Action for Healthy Kids. They helped provide disaster relief from the Japan and Haiti earthquakes. They also promote children’s healthy eating by providing the means to encourage students to participate in school breakfast programs to eat healthy.

I think what makes Kellogg’s a unique brand is that it uses many different platforms to give back to the consumers. It gives grants to support success in children, as well as gives donations to various organizations to help create a better way of life. It also is a big component in world hunger, helping students at schools, as well as teaming up with
corporations like Walmart to end the cause. As all food companies do and should
continue doing, Kellogg’s has a strong position on healthy eating.  I think the care this brand shows for its consumers and the transparency it provides for its consumers are two components that make this brand so successful and blog-worthy to me.


About A Brunette on Branding

I am Amanda Burke: University of Wisconsin - Madison student, Life Sciences Communications major and novice blogger. Aside from my academic life, I am an Alpha Phi sister, undercover geek, Bulls fanatic, junk food lover and nail polish addict. A Brunette on Branding is a blog about brands. I deconstruct current marketing strategies, express my opinions on certain brands, and talk about what I think it takes to be successful in a world full of brand-hungry consumers. I’ll admit, I’m not an expert. But, I’ve found I have a knack for recognizing good branding techniques and want to express my own opinions on why I believe they work. It is my hope that through this blog I will: 1) educate other bloggers on branding 2) show branding experts my skills and 3) open the eyes of readers to the vast and complex world that is branding. Thank you in advance for visiting A Brunette on Branding. I hope I have given you a small insight on branding. I am open to any suggestions about my content, writing, layout, etc., as I am just starting out in this crazy world of blogging. Thanks!
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